Malaysias long-term visa

Sam’s take on MM2H (Malaysia’s long-stay visa for foreigners relocating or retiring to Malaysia) and how it has impacted Malaysia, and Penang in particular.

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Malaysia’s long-stay visa, the MM2H visa, has proven to be immensely popular with foreigners wanting to make Malaysia their second home. So much so that applications started to pile up and some applicants found themselves waiting almost a year for approval. To add to the frustrations, it was officially announced that the financial criteria to […]

How does the Malaysian Spouse Visa stack up against Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)?

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It has been a dramatic few months for Malaysians, starting in May 2018 with a new Government in place after 61 years, and the re-election of 93-year old former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir as our new Premier. From a political standpoint, this is exciting for us Penangites because Lim Guan Eng, the former Chief Minister […]

Litigation – the Practicalities of Going to Court? Part II

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Continuation from   2) So who do you appoint? How do you choose a lawyer? Do you pick the firm or do you pick the lawyer? People watch dramatic TV court scenes of an erudite lawyer aggressively questioning a witness or the defendant. This may give the impression that a good lawyer is an […]