MM2H Holders Permitted to return to Malaysia!

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Weekends are sacred. Time to catch up with family and to recharge. Some “me” time and I’m looking forward to hitting the Tanjung Bungah Market to source ingredients for my latest attempt at baking the banana bread! Still, this piece of news came in through Whatsapp this morning, I have reconfirmed this with MM2H and it’s got to be shared before my baking activities! Credit goes to the MM2H team at the Ministry of Tourism who have lobbied for this and here’s the result, MM2H holders stranded outside Malaysia can now return “home”:

Welcome back folks!

Author: Sam Choong

Sam Choong is a lawyer practising in Malaysia. His areas of practice include estate planning, wills and UK inheritance tax for expats residing or seeking to retire in Malaysia.

2 thoughts on “MM2H Holders Permitted to return to Malaysia!

  1. Thanks Sam that is good news indeed. However is Penang airport going to open up for flights from ASEAN countries so we can safely take just one flight to get home and do any self quarantine at home or in a designated Penang hotel. I note for several countries now that if someone has a doctors certificate stating fit to fly with no symptoms of Corvid 19 within 72 hours of flying they do not need quarantine – what is latest on this from Penang authorities Brian ( Singspore )

    1. Hi Brian,

      Thanks so much for the questions. Penang airport is definitely open although flights are limited. Whether flights come to Penang would depend on the carriers and the country of provenance. It may be an idea to check with the airlines from your country of provenance. As to quarantine, it would look like this is still mandatory on arrival in Malaysia despite a certificate. Say, for example, you obtain a certificate in Singapore, during your travels you may still be exposed, hence the need for quarantine.

      Quarantine guidelines and hotels designated as quarantine centres come under the PREVENTION AND CONTROL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES ACT 1988. For more information you can also refer to this act and the guidelines issued from time to time at Malaysia’s National Security Council website. In the meantime, here’s an article you might find helpful:

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