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Latest guidelines for Foreign Nationals holding a Social Visit Pass which expires during Malaysia’s Movement Control Order – What are options

The past few weeks have been challenging to say the least from a medical point of view, without having to grapple with cancelled flights, overstaying in Malaysia when visas expire and not knowing what to do. Not surprisingly, law firms, MM2H expat clients or friends of expat clients have approached us for advice as our own Immigration Department have not been operational. In order to keep everyone abreast of the latest, here’s our English translation of the guidance issued by the Immigration Department: 
Media Statement Immigration Department dated 5 May 2020
Social Visit Pass which has expired within MCO
The Immigration Department wishes to announce that all foreign nationals holding expired Social Visit Pass who have  overstayed between 1 January 2020 and 14 working days after the expiry of Movement Control Order (MCO), are allowed to return to their home country without having to obtain a Special Pass from the Immigration Office.
They can leave the country through entry point by reporting at the Immigration Counter along with their valid travel documents and their information will be taken down and recorded. No action shall be taken against those who leave the country within the period stated. They shall also not be blacklisted.
However foreign nationals holding expired Temporary Working Pass are not allowed under this exemption and they have to follow the existing regulations to return to their home country.
Foreign nationals who do not leave the country within 14 days after the expiry of MCO have to refer and obtain proof and justification from their respective  embassies as to why they could not leave the country failing which they would have to face action and would be blacklisted.
Dato’ Indera Khairul Dzaimee Bin Daud
Director of Immigration
Malaysian Immigration Department
More details can also be obtained from the Immigration Department’s Facebook page. The material one I’ve gleaned from the various updates which tend to be repetitive and administrative is the window of 30 days for “pass facilitation” to be carried out at the Immigration Department from the end of the MCO, whatever this means!
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