Stamp (Amendment) Bill 2017 WITHDRAWN!

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Here’s a quick update, especially for those of you in the market for a property. Some time in September 2017, I reminded prospective purchasers of properties to be mindful of the 2016 Malaysian budget announcement that transfers of RM1,000,000/- and above will be subject to an increased stamp duty of 1% and this was to […]

Inheritance Tax

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Estate Duty and Inheritance Tax Speculation has been rife, over the past two months, that estate duty or inheritance tax would be reintroduced. This rumour isn’t new. In fact, such talk has recurred over the years. This, in turn, spurred my high net-worth clients to research and attend talks by private banks with wealth preservation departments, […]

What is Inheritance Tax? Will Malaysia introduce Inheritance Tax?

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About a month ago, I caught up with some Singapore and BVI trust lawyers over some off shore trust work. Coincidentally, on my return, WhatsApp  messages started trickling in, asking whether inheritance tax will be introduced in the upcoming budget. I, of course, immediately thought that an article on inheritance tax or death duties would […]