What is Inheritance Tax? Will Malaysia introduce Inheritance Tax?

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Will Malaysia introduce inheritance tax. About a month ago, I caught up with some Singapore and BVI trust lawyers over some off shore trust work. Coincidentally, on my return, WhatsApp  messages started trickling in, asking whether inheritance tax will be introduced in the upcoming budget.

I, of course, immediately thought that an article on inheritance tax or death duties would be timely. Unfortunately work got in the way and Esther Lee of the Edge Malaysia has actually done a credible write up on the topic. I’d like to refer you to the article below and I shall follow this up shortly with my own about how I would estate plan in the event inheritance tax or estate duty becomes a reality in Malaysia.




Author: Sam Choong

Sam Choong is a lawyer practising in Malaysia. His areas of practice include estate planning, wills and UK inheritance tax for expats residing or seeking to retire in Malaysia.

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