Official MM2H Workshop (Looking Forward to Updates!)

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On 20th March 2018, it was publicly announced for the first time at the British Council event (where I presented my Wills Seminar to British expats) held at E&O Hotel, Penang that new MM2H guidelines would come into effect mid-2018. This announcement resulted in more questions than answers and the expat community in Malaysia were understandably concerned. On our part, we wrote to the Immigration Department for clarifications and our proposed suggestions (in a nutshell for existing MM2H holders as well as applicants who had submitted their applications to be “grandfathered”).


On 9th May 2018, Malaysia welcomed a new government in our momentous elections. It is now end of July 2018 and we have yet to hear of the changes being implemented. As a quick update, there will be an official MM2H workshop organised by the Ministry of Tourism in Putrajaya on 9th August 2018. We look forward to some updates and we’ll certainly keep you posted once we have more information.


Author: Sam Choong

Sam Choong is a lawyer practising in Malaysia. His areas of practice include estate planning, wills and UK inheritance tax for expats residing or seeking to retire in Malaysia.

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