Expats returning to Malaysia during Covid – Quarantine times shorten

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When advising on Malaysian Immigration guidelines I often get my ears bent by expatriates who are frustrated with policies which in their eyes seem unclear, contradicting or unfair. Recent Covid guidelines on expatriates returning to Malaysia are a prime example. Not that I hold a Government position nor do I represent the Malaysian Government (despite what some of my expat clients seem to think lol) but to be fair to the Malaysian Government everyone including the international community are doing their best in these trying times.

While on this topic, I would like to bring your attention to the latest development of our initial 14 day quarantine timeline which has evolved to as short as 7 days. For the details refer to the link below:


Finally, as we start the 1st week of 2021, I wonder what the year has in store for us. All I can say is, whatever it may bring, I shall be giving my best  –  The photo above of a meal shared with a mate after mountain biking Mt. Erskine stands as a reminder! On this note, I wish you Happy New Year! May we be versatile, patient and have our eyes on the horizon.

Monday 4th January, 2021

Author: Sam Choong

Sam Choong is a lawyer practising in Malaysia. His areas of practice include estate planning, wills and UK inheritance tax for expats residing or seeking to retire in Malaysia.

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