The latest on applying for Sarawak Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H), Malaysia

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British High Commission Estate Planning and MM2H update with Datin Sharifah Ikhlas, Director of MM2H

British High Commission Estate Planning and MM2H update with Datin Sharifah Ikhlas, Director of MM2H

While the Malaysia My Second Home Programme for Peninsular Malaysia has been put on hold, raising questions  MM2H applicants and even MM2H agents can’t answer, the Sabah and Sarawak MM2H programmes are ongoing. (see: The Sarawak immigration has distinguished itself as the standard bearer in terms of clarity, ease of use and efficiency  for MM2H applicants and peace of mind for Sarawakian MM2H agents depending on MM2H as their rice bowl. Kudos to Sarawak! In light of this, I wanted to quickly do a short introduction to the Sarawak MM2H and show how it compares with the Peninsular Malaysia MM2H.

Malaysia is a federation of 13 states and the two Borneo states of Sabah and Sarawak also known as East Malaysia retain a degree of autonomy under this system. One of these areas of autonomy includes the right to regulate the immigration of their respective states, which is why Sabah and Sarawak have their own version of the popular long stay visa, known as Malaysia My Second Home.

The Sarawak MM2H was put on hold for a week (ONE WHOLE WEEK! LOL) for some revisions to be made which was concluded Friday, 4th September, 2020. Notwithstanding the revisions,  the Sarawak MM2H still remains a viable alternative (from a faster processing timing and lower financial threshold perspective) for foreigners already in Malaysia wishing to remain to consider while the Peninsular MM2H is suspended ostensibly till end of the year for ‘revision’. MM2H applicants who are currently outside Malaysia face the problem of coming into Malaysia for the submission of their application and endorsement of their MM2H visas. Foreigners who are in Malaysia and want to remain long term in Malaysia can explore this option.

Here are the main differences/similarities between the current West Malaysia MM2H (subject, of course, to any revisions the powers that be may in their wisdom dictate) and the Sarawak MM2H:

Peninsular or West Malaysia MM2H Sarawak MM2H
Separate categories for applicants above or below 50 years.

50 years and above: show cash of RM350,000/- and monthly income of RM10,000/- anywhere in the world prior to the approval and place a fixed deposit of RM150,000/- in a Malaysian bank after approval.

50 years and below: show cash of RM500,000/- and monthly income of RM10,000/- anywhere in the world prior to the approval and place a fixed deposit of RM300,000/- in a Malaysian bank after approval.

Separate categories for applicants above or below 50 years.

50 year and above (married couple): must show either a monthly income of RM10,000/- anywhere in the world OR place a fixed deposit of RM300,000/- in a bank in Sarawak upon application.

50 year and above (single): must show either a monthly income of RM7,000/- anywhere in the world OR place a fixed deposit of RM150,000/- in a bank upon application.

40 to 50 years: can be considered if they have children attending school in Sarawak or are themselves undergoing long term medical treatment in Sarawak or invest in a residential property of at least RM600,000/-

30 to 40 years: can be considered if they have children attending school in Sarawak or are themselves undergoing long term medical treatment



Letter of Good Conduct & Health Insurance Letter of Good Conduct & Health Insurance
Sponsor or security bond Sarawakian sponsor required
10 year visa (renewable). 5  year visa (renewable provided the applicant stays a minimum of 15 days per annum in Sarawak).
No need to be present at the immigration office on application.

Both spouses need to be present in the country upon approval for endorsement of the visa on to their respective passports.

Both spouses must be present on submission of the application.

Both spouses must be present on the approval to endorse the visa on their respective passports.


No possibility of PR but currently renewable for a further 10 years. No possibility of PR but currently renewable for a further 5 years.
Part time work is permissible, on application, if the applicant possesses special skills. Not permitted to work
Parents over 60 years and children under 21 years can come in as dependents.


Parents above 60 years and children 21yrs and below
Typically, 8-12 month approval period after submission of the application. Currently suspended


Approximately 2 months after submission of the application.

For further reading, do refer also to:


Sam Choong

8th January, 2021

Author: Sam Choong

Sam Choong is a lawyer practising in Malaysia. His areas of practice include estate planning, wills and UK inheritance tax for expats residing or seeking to retire in Malaysia.

65 thoughts on “The latest on applying for Sarawak Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H), Malaysia

  1. Do you know a reputable Agent for Sarawak mm2h program ?. Or should I just select one of the pool agents listed on the Malaysia MM2H program ?.

      1. Hi sam
        My wife and i are interested in the sarawak mm2h. Iam 45. I was wondering
        A what is considered long term medical treatment. Ie massage for arthritis and back pain. High blood pressure tablets etc
        B the 600 thousand invested in real estate. Does this mean i can buy two 300 thousand propertys.
        C how do i know where to find a legitimate agent. As you cannot enter Malaysia ast the moment mean you can not apply as you have to be there in person.
        And info would b er greatly appreciated

        1. Dear Rod,

          My suggestion would be for you to either send us your doctors report or wait for you to see the doctors in Sarawak for them to assess you. And with the reports we can give you a better idea. We can certainly work with you if you are keen. Drop us an email at

    1. I am Canadian, 53 years. Like to spend our retirement life partly in Malaysia. If we are granted with sarwak mmh2, will be able to live in west part of Malaysia?

      1. Hi there,

        Thanks for the question. Currently the requirement for Sarawak MM2H is you are required to reside in Sarawak 15 days annually.


  2. Dear Sam, thank you so much for the excellent articles.
    I will be 50 next month and is looking for MM2H. I am aware that KL MM2H application is temporarily
    Is it possible to apply for the Sabah and Sarawak MM2H programmes but then to move to KL due to the presence of international schools for my kids?
    Your expert advice is appreciated!
    Dr Kwok

    1. Dear Dr. Kwok,

      The Sarawak MM2H endorsement on your passport upon approval states ” Right to Remain in Malaysia”. There is a further requirement that Sarawak MM2H holders must stay a minimum 15 days per year in Sarawak. Hope this helps.

  3. Hi Sam, thanks a lot for that very clear information. I’m French, 53, meet the criteria but unfortunately out of Malaysia at the moment. Any recommendation to ease the process considering I have no local sponsor ? Thank you one more time.

    1. Dear Michael,

      Great to hear you meet the criteria. Currently, you need to be in the country to make the application. Don’t worry about the sponsorship. We can work with you on this. The Sarawak MM2H is currently of use only to foreigners within Malaysia. Maybe contact us again once the travel restrictions are lifted. You can email me directly at


  4. Hi Sam,

    Read with great interest about MM2H.
    May I know what is the latest news you have about this programme?
    I am turning 48 soon and currently a Singapore Citizen.
    Based on the table above, I can show income for the requirement.Is that all initially to send in an application?
    Then how soon must we commit on the 150,000 fixed deposit?
    The other query I have is about the Sarawakian sponsor.How can we work around this or is there any solution.
    Please advise.

    1. Dear Siva,

      Since you are going to be 48 years old soon, you are under the category of those aged between 40 and 50 years old and you would be eligible to apply with investment in property specifically for residential purposes of at least RM600,000.00. That means you are required to purchase a residential property in Sarawak to enable you to apply for the SarawaK MM2H. If you are over 50 years old, then the purchase of property is not required.

      In addition to the above, you also still need to fulfil either one of this further criteria: offshore income of RM7,000 per month (single) or placement of a Fixed Deposit RM150,000.00 in any banks in Sarawak prior to your submission of Sarawak MM2H application.

      With regards to a sponsor in Sarawak, it is included in our service if you engage us in applying for the Sarawak MM2H.

      Hope this helps.


  5. Hi Sam,

    Can you send me details of applying for Sarawak MM2H. I am 54, Canadian, single and earn more than 7,000 required.

    I am planning on coming soon after I can fly to Malaysia without being required to quarantine.

    Please advise on the new requirements and your fees.

    thank you,


  6. Hi Sam, Thanks for your information sharing above. My friend from China has been applied SMM2H two years ago, but the immigration only issue two year to her. Now will be expired soon. May I know the document needed for renewing of SMM2H during this CMCO period.

    Thank you

    Wang Qi

  7. Hi Sam,
    I am spanish and married to my wife who is Malaysian.

    For the application, given that she has full rights to stay in Msia withouth visa, for the aplication, do I need to meet the requirements as a “single” or do I still need to meet the requirement for married couples?

    Thanks a lot for the usefull information provided!
    Best regards,


  8. Hello, Sam.

    I would like to know more about the application process for Sarawak MM2H.
    I am 36 years old, Japanese, have a wife and a 15 year old daughter.

    Currently I have a working visa and I am working in Kuala Lumpur.
    Our income as a couple is 35,000 ringgit.

    If my daughter enrolls in a school in Sarawak, we will be able to meet the requirements for S-MM2H, but I have never been to Sarawak and do not know much about the local schools.

    I have never been to Sarawak and I don’t know much about the local schools. My daughter does not speak Malaysian, she speaks a little English, but can she enroll in a local school?

    I would be grateful for any advice, especially about the school.


    1. Dear Shota,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      As a 36 year old with a 15 year old daughter attending school in Sarawak, you can qualify for Sarawak MM2H. However, you can only apply for Sarawak MM2H when you no longer hold an employment pass in Malaysia. Depending on what school suits your daughter, you can opt for either a public or private school and still qualify for Sarawak MM2H.

      Trust that answers your questions.

  9. Is sarawak second home programme requires offshore monthly income of 7,000 or 10,000 a month.? I am retired and recive a monthly pension of 7,000 ( equivalent) I live in the UK.Am I qualify for the programme? Thanks .Greg.

    1. Hi Greg,

      Thanks for contacting us. I’m assuming you are 50yrs or above. If you apply as a single person then the monthly income requirement is RM7,000. If you apply as a married couple, the monthly income is RM10,000. Hope this clarifies. Do note there are other requirements apart from the aforesaid.

  10. I and my wife are now living in KL may we submit application for Sabah Sarawak MM2H and also if grant can We stay in KL?

    1. Michael,

      Thanks for the question. FYI, Sabah and the Peninsula Malaysia MM2H are currently on hold. Sarawak MM2H is on going however you need to be present in Sarawak to submit the application so you will need to check the travel guidelines on this. Whether you can be considered for Sarawak MM2H depends on your age and your financial ability.

      Drop us a line if you need us to assist you on the details. You can write to

  11. Hi,
    I am a EU citizen and would like to apply for a Sarawak MM2H residency . I am over 50 and my husband receives an government pension which is greater than the required amount. Can you confirm that my husband’s pension will be acceptable and that we are not required to purchase a property . I understand that we will have to visit Malaysia to complete this process but would like to engage you to start the process now with a view to us arriving in Malaysia in October.

    1. Dear Anna,

      Provided. your husband is 50 years or over, his government pension is adequate and he would not need to acquire a property. Let’s keep in touch on the border reopening for your visit.

  12. “30 to 40 years: can be considered if they have children attending school in Sarawak or are themselves undergoing long term medical treatment.” Hi, I’m sarawakian and my wife and my two kids are Chinese nation. May I know my wife just need above mention requirement and without any others requirements? Please advice. Thanks

    1. Dear Albert,

      Apart from the income/Fixed deposit & medical requirements, there are no other requirements. Your wife may also want to consider the spouse visa application.

  13. We live in KL at the moment, since 9 years back.
    My husband retire this summer and his visa will be canceld from approx. June 2021.

    Can we apply before his Work visa has been cancelled (in beginning of June)?
    If we dont have a local sponsor can an Agent be used for that?

    Thank you Sus

    1. Dear Susan,

      Thanks for your questions. Your husband has to cancel his employment pass before he submits his Sarawak MM2H. We therefore suggest that you have all the preparatory work done before cancelling his employment pass so the SMM2H application can be submitted immediately thereafter. We can assist with the local sponsor.

      Hope this helps!

  14. Hi, i am stuck in West Malaysia with an expired social visa and currently still allowed to stay till April 21st. I had applied for S – MM2H in the first half of 2020, but then due to COVID the whole MM2H program was abandoned and my application void. I had to restart the procedure again and will apply for an extension of my stay due to the fact, you must be inside Malaysia to apply for S-MM2H, right? Can you give some advise about usual duration of the procedure to get S-MM2H status? I am German, 68 years old, single, and can either provide the deposit of RM 150k or/and show an income from my former company of 10k a month – is that sufficient? What exactly is the definition of “off-shore-income” for the SMM2H programme? Any advice is greatly appreciated…..

    1. Dear Bauer,

      Thanks for contacting us. We have sent you a reply by email. Please check also the spam folder just in case. Do drop me an email at if you don’t receive our email.

  15. So, I bought a condo in Kuching 4 years ago and was going to start the process to apply for the SMM2H last summer until covid hit. If I am reading this correctly, are you an agent? Or do you refer to agents? I’m guessing since I am in Thailand at the moment that I just need to wait until Malaysia opens it’s borders. Oh I just hope it will be by August. I’m very happy to hear the program is not suspended in Sarawak.

    1. Dear Christine,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We are a law firm. We provide advice on conveyancing, commercial work etc. Because we have numerous foreign clients, we do provide advice on immigration to our clients one of which covers SMM2H although we are not agents. We prefer to establish what our clients needs are and come up with a visa or solution that best suits our client. So the solution may not necessarily be MM2H if, for example, the client wants to work in Malaysia. We can, however, refer you to agents we have worked with on SMM2H.

  16. Hello Sam, thank you for viewing my message.
    My wife and I are interested in the S-MM2H program and would like to get an idea of costs involved both for the visa and the agent.
    However finding an agent in Sarawak has proved rather difficult. Do you have any suggestions please,
    I look forward to your reply,
    Kindest regards,
    Rod & Sue Heaysman

  17. 50 year and above (married couple): must show either a monthly income of RM10,000/- anywhere in the world OR place a fixed deposit of RM300,000/- in a bank in Sarawak upon application., Can you please confirm that each of the couple need to demonstrate a monthly income of RM 10,000, ( i.e RM 20,000 per month) or just one of the couple ( RM 10,000)? Thank you.

  18. Hi, this is S.M.A Razzaque from Dhaka Bangladesh am a businessman age 54 & married and have one daughter age 20+ & she admitted Taylor’s University in KL Malaysia. Her class will be started on the 20th of August. I have sufficient funds ( also monthly income of more than 10k ringgit) for a deposit for the Sarawak mm2h program.if I qualify & stay at KL or another city is it permissible?

    1. Thanks for the email Shanawaz. I’ve had the honour of visiting Dhaka and Chittagong several years back. I travelled with a developer so I was advising on MM2H and property ownership for foreigners in Malaysia. I found a lot of similarities between our countries. And great food by the way.

      I assume you are not enquiring for your daughter and that she will have a student visa. As for you, I believe the Sarawak MM2H requires you & your spouse to be in Sarawak 15 days a year so with that one would assume you can remain in other parts of Malaysia for the rest of the duration.

  19. Hi, I’m an American over 50 y.o with plans to retire full time in Malaysia with my wife in 1-2 yrs. Can I apply now using my current income for the S-MM2H program even if I am not fully retired yet? My current income is enough to cover the 10K ringgit requirement. My understanding is I do not have to put a fixed deposit of 300K ringgit if I already exceed the income requirement. Is that correct?. Thank you. .

    1. Dear Ven,

      You can apply with your current income although the income has to be within 6 months of your application. You must have at least the equivalent of RM10,000 per month failing which you have to deposit RM300,000.

  20. Hi can you apply for S-MM2H from outside of Malaysia as I am currently in the UK, is S-MM2H going to follow the government lead on the new requirement structure?

    1. Hi Kenneth,
      Currently because of the spike in Covid you can apply from outside Malaysia provided you elect for the offshore income criteria.

  21. Hi Sam,
    I think the revised conditions for West Malaysia MM2H announced yesterday will drive away many prospective applicants. Do you know if the Sarawak MM2H conditions will be revised too to more in line with the West Malaysia one? My husband and I , both in our early sixties, were planning to apply last year if not for the program suspension. Now we may want to apply for the Sarawak one instead. We have a condo in KLCC so plan to spend most time in KL but will have no issue spending at least 14 days each year in Sarawak. As the border is still closed, guess most people will need to wait till 2022 as the application must be done in person. Would you be able to recommend an agent and provide the timeline of the application process and when applicants need to be present. We live in Canada and have to plan ahead. Thanks.

    1. Dear Wendy,

      Yes we have received a higher than usual enquiry for Sarawak MM2H. The Sarawak state government has made a statement to say they have no plans to revise their existing guidelines despite the announcement by the Federal government. We have sent you an email on agents.

  22. Hi Sam,

    I am 41 years old mother from China and have a 11 year old son who’s currently studying in an International school in KL. I am interested in applying for SMM2H and meet the financial criteria for the of RM 300,000 to apply for the program.

    Can my son still continue his education in his current school in KL if I apply for SMM2H ? I have the finance to purchase a property in Sarawak.

    Thanks and Regards,


    1. Thank you for your question, Tracy. It is an either or situation. Either your child has to study in Sarawak OR you need to buy a property in Sarawak.

  23. Hi Sam,
    We already reside in Malaysia and are under the MM2H programme. However it seems like the programme is going to be completely altered and we wonder if we could apply for SMM2H? We are a retired British couple and have lived here for 18 years.

    1. If you want to apply for Sarawak, you absolutely can provided you can fulfill their guidelines. However, you would need to cancel your Peninsula MM2H before applying for SMM2H.

  24. Hi Sam,
    I sent a message to you yesterday and although it was posted I haven’t received a reply and it has now disappeared from the comment box.
    Just wondered if I sent the request to the wrong place.

  25. Dear Sam,
    I currently live in KL on mm2h visa and as you know new mm2h rules will make it difficult to qualify for existing mm2h visa participants also. I am wondering if you can hold both mm2h and S-mm2h visas at the same time? S-mm2h is still very attractive especially for existing mm2h people who love Malaysia and would like to live in the Peninsular Malaysia as they joined the main mm2h. S-mm2h still provides them a reasonable opportunity to do so.

    1. Dear Supreet,

      I’m sorry hear of our latest government announcements. They do NOT reflect the thinking of most Malaysian people, businesses or associations.

      Unfortunately, it is an either or situation. If you wish to apply for SMM2H, you will need to terminate your MMM2H. You can’t hold both.

  26. Hi Sam. Is there any difficulty in transferring a MM2H to a Sarawak MM2H? Presumaby I would have to cancel the MM2H to receive the SMM2H. I was wondering if this is done in the Sarawak Immigration Office, after I have received provisional acceptance, and when I pay my fees.

    I am worried that I would be stuck in a status where I start the cancellation of my MM2H visa, go Sarawak and get turned down. I fully qualify by their income or Fixed Deposit criteria, and am willing to stay in Sarawak the 2 or 3 months to process. I am just worred that it might not be as seamless of a procedure as it seems.

    Is there the possibility that I might have to leave Malaysia entirely, and return? Do they make people do that with other visas when they transfer them (e.g. student to work visa; work visa to spousal visa)?

    And what is this “Journey Performed Pass”…someone suggested that by paying for this it takes care of any issues with having to apply for a visa back in the home country.

    1. Jerry,

      Unfortunately you need to terminate your MM2H before applying for the SMM2H. When does your MM2H expire? If it doesn’t expire for another few years, I would wait and see as there has been a large degree of objections to the announced changes.

  27. Hi, I am planning to apply for the Sarawak MM2H once I turn 50 in June 2023 and can meet all the requirements. When should I be preparing to get things organised and set up in order to apply in June 2023? I know that’s some time off but just want to understand the timescales involved now so I can properly plan. Thanks

    1. I would start gathering the necessary documents about 6 months before. You could send it to us for checking to make sure they are in order if you want some hand holding.

  28. Qs: 1) For a couple, need to show RM10,000 income monthly anywhere in the world, AND also need a Fixed Deposit of RM300,000? So you need to have both requirements, yes? 2) (Now, can this be anywhere in the world for Fixed Deposit, OR only a bank in Sarawak upon application? 3) If in Sarawak upon application only, can you later change to another country AFTER receiving the Visa? 4) As long as you stay for 15 days per year in Sarawak, you can live also live in the Pennisula (KL or Penang) rest of the time, correct? Any other caveats? Thank you.

    1. Dear Kim,

      Thank you for your detailed questions. I will answer them in the order in which they are posed:
      1) You need to comply with one ie. Either income OR fixed deposit. NOT both;
      2) If you are using income to fulfill the SMM2H requirement then it can be anywhere in the world. If it is the fixed deposit, this has to be placed in a bank in Sarawak;
      3) The fixed deposit has to be in Sarawak for the duration of your visa so you CANNOT change to another country or another state within Malaysia;
      4) At the moment, the approval on the successful applicant’s passport is stamped “Permitted to enter and remain in Malaysia”. At the moment most of my clients stay either in Sarawak or also in West Malaysia. However, I cannot guarantee this will not change. Government policies including Permanent Residence all over the world are subject to change.

      Hope the above helps you.

  29. Hi Sam

    If a couple (over 50 years old) is successful in getting an S-MM2H visa, what happens if one one of the spouses passes away?

    Will the surviving spouse continue to enjoy the S-MM2H visa or would a fresh application be needed?

    Also, what is needed as proof of income (in particular for a self-employed)?

    Thank you in advance for your help in answering my questions. 😊

    1. DearJohn,

      Thanks for the questions.

      If the main applicant passes away the dependent spouse would need to apply afresh with proof of income or fixed deposit placement.

      As for proof of income, you would need to be more specific. Do you have a company and if so, are you a shareholder, director or employee taking dividend, directors pay or employee’s salary? Or are you a business/partnership and if so are you the owner/partner and employee? My understanding of what the immigration authorities are looking for is a regular monthly or weekly payment, as opposed to a yearly payment. Without the details this is what I can let you have. Hope this helps.

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