Bazaars can be engaging places and the Hin Bus Depot bazaar is no different. No matter where they are: the
Here’s a quick update, especially for those of you in the market for a property. Some time in September 2017,
Speculation has been rife, over the past two months, that estate duty or inheritance tax would be reintroduced. This rumour
Jazz has always struck a chord with me. Men and women dressed to the nines in their elegant frocks and
Will Malaysia introduce inheritance tax. About a month ago, I caught up with some Singapore and BVI trust lawyers over
On a trip to Kuala Lumpur last week, I was discussing the acquisition of an oil palm plantation with clients
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I caught up recently with my sister, Tiffany, who coincidentally also just visited and reviewed a place I’ve been meaning
Here’s my latest video to start your week off. Enjoy! Check out my Facebook page .
What an exciting couple of weeks it has been! I got a few challenging wills signed off and advised on some complex structures