I’m sitting on a long wooden table at my surf camp on a rugged tiny island in the Indian Ocean,
As someone who likes his advice to be user friendly, there’s nothing like getting direct feedback from the business community. Specifically,
Bazaars can be engaging places and the Hin Bus Depot bazaar is no different. No matter where they are: the
Here’s a quick update, especially for those of you in the market for a property. Some time in September 2017,
Speculation has been rife, over the past two months, that estate duty or inheritance tax would be reintroduced. This rumour
Jazz has always struck a chord with me. Men and women dressed to the nines in their elegant frocks and
Will Malaysia introduce inheritance tax. About a month ago, I caught up with some Singapore and BVI trust lawyers over
On a trip to Kuala Lumpur last week, I was discussing the acquisition of an oil palm plantation with clients
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I caught up recently with my sister, Tiffany, who coincidentally also just visited and reviewed a place I’ve been meaning