what properties can foreigners buy in Malaysia
On the topic of what properties can foreigners buy in Malaysia, a few days ago, a developer asked if I
Malaysias long-term visa
Malaysia’s long-stay visa, the MM2H visa, has proven to be immensely popular with foreigners wanting to make Malaysia their second
It has been a dramatic few months for Malaysians, starting in May 2018 with a new Government in place after
If you’re a British Expat in Malaysia, join me as I present a talk on Estate Planning. There will be MM2H
Continuation from https://samchoong.com/litigation-practicalities-going-court-part/   2) So who do you appoint? How do you choose a lawyer? Do you pick the
What’s it like going to court? What does it entail? Should you sue? Should you retaliate when sued? Or should
On 20th March 2018, it was publicly announced for the first time at the British Council event (where I presented my Wills
MALAYSIA MY SECOND HOME (MM2H): FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS, MAY 2018 It’s been months since I published our last MM2H FAQ.
I’m sitting on a long wooden table at my surf camp on a rugged tiny island in the Indian Ocean,
As someone who likes his advice to be user friendly, there’s nothing like getting direct feedback from the business community. Specifically,