Litigation – the Practicalities of Going to Court? Part II

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2) So who do you appoint? How do you choose a lawyer? Do you pick the firm or do you pick the lawyer?

People watch dramatic TV court scenes of an erudite lawyer aggressively questioning a witness or the defendant. This may give the impression that a good lawyer is an aggressive one. Sometimes, it may be better to have a lawyer who is more measured in his response and questioning; one whom listens and looks out for spoken and unspoken indicators rather than to be engrossed only in high drama and yet miss the important clues or subtle nuances.


Litigation – the Practicalities of Going to Court? Part I

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What’s it like going to court? What does it entail? Should you sue? Should you retaliate when sued? Or should you just settle? And if so, at what point in the process do you show this hand? Who do you appoint?


I’m finding that churning out a steady stream of articles and the amount of legal work I do is inversely related. It’s been a productive few months advising on several challenging court cases for clients, hence my radio silence.


Attending court is a given for lawyers. Even for those of us involved in solicitor type work such as boardroom negotiations and drafting agreements, chances are non-contentious matters such as probate, letters of administration applications or joint divorce petitions, to name a few, still bring us to court.


Official MM2H Workshop (Looking Forward to Updates!)

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On 20th March 2018, it was publicly announced for the first time at the British Council event (where I presented my Wills Seminar to British expats) held at E&O Hotel, Penang that new MM2H guidelines would come into effect mid-2018. This announcement resulted in more questions than answers and the expat community in Malaysia were understandably concerned. On our part, we wrote to the Immigration Department for clarifications and our proposed suggestions (in a nutshell for existing MM2H holders as well as applicants who had submitted their applications to be “grandfathered”).


Important MM2H Updates! Popular FAQs Answered!

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It’s been months since I published our last MM2H FAQ. Since then, I’ve had an overwhelming number of questions from those of you seeking clarification as you consider making Malaysia your new home. As there have been many questions, I’m going to list the most common ones in our latest MM2H FAQ sheet, which I hope will help to ease the process for you!


Estate Planning for SMEs at Vistage

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As someone who likes his advice to be user friendly, there’s nothing like getting direct feedback from the business community. Specifically, in terms of the laws of succession and estate planning, what type of guidance they need. I recently received an invite from Vistage, a peer advisory grouping of CEOs and business owners, to chat to them about Estate Planning for family owned SMEs. Of course, I accepted without hesitation.