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Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H): Frequently Asked Questions

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In my years sharing advice on the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme, I have encountered the same questions many times. I have compiled these FAQs into a list to help individuals like you who might be considering MM2H.

Read on to find out more about Malaysia My Second Home and whether you qualify for it!


1) Do I need Malaysia My Second Home to purchase a property in Malaysia?

No, you don’t. Not unless you want to benefit from the lower purchase threshold on properties in certain states. Foreigners can purchase property subject to the land/property guideline of the state in which the property is located without MM2H.


2) How do I qualify for Malaysia My Second Home if I’m under 50 years of age?

You need to demonstrate that you have the means. This is basically a financial requirement.

a) At the application stage, show proof through your last three bank statements (prior to the application date) that you have:

  • the cash equivalent of RM500,000/- anywhere in the world. For avoidance of doubt, this means a fixed deposit, current or savings account and not shares or bonds.
  • an income equivalent to RM10,000/- per month anywhere in the world.

b) After you receive the letter of approval, you must place a further RM300,000/- into a fixed deposit account in a Malaysian bank. This money needs to remain in the account for the duration of your permit. Once the money has been transferred, you can get your MM2H approval stamp in your passport.

If you fully own a house or apartment in Malaysia worth RM1,000,000/- or above with no mortgage, the fixed deposit can be reduced to RM150,000/-.


3) How do I qualify for Malaysia My Second Home if I am over 50 years of age?

a) At the application stage, show proof through your last three bank statements (prior to the application date) that you have:

  • the cash equivalent of RM350,000/- anywhere in the world. For avoidance of doubt, this means a fixed deposit, current or savings account and not shares or bonds.
  • an income equivalent to RM10,000/- per month anywhere in the world.

b) After you receive the letter of approval, you must place a further RM150,000/- into a fixed deposit account in a Malaysian bank. This money needs to remain in the account for the duration of your permit. Once the money has been transferred, you can get your MM2H approval stamp in your passport.

If you fully own a house or apartment in Malaysia worth RM1,000,000/- or above with no mortgage, the fixed deposit can be reduced to RM100,000/-.


4) Can I withdraw the fixed deposit under Malaysia My Second Home lien?

As a general rule, the fixed deposit should not be withdrawn until the termination of the MM2H permit. However, one year from the approval date, part of the deposit may be withdrawn if it is for medical expenses, your children’s education, or for the purchase or reimbursement of a house. Individuals under 50 years of age can withdraw up to RM150,000/- and individuals over 50 years of age can withdraw up to RM50,000/-.


5) How long does the Malaysia My Second Home application process take?

Upon the submission of a complete application, a decision is given in approximately 4 to 5 months.


6) What are the benefits of Malaysia My Second Home?

There are multiple benefits for the Malaysia My Second Home programme.

  1. You will have permission to remain in Malaysia for up to 10 years. This includes multiple entries. However, please note that this duration is restricted by the expiry date on your passport. Once you have renewed your passport, you will be able to have the remainder of your MM2H term endorsed on it.
  2. Dependants such as your spouse, parents (over 60 years) and children (under 21 years) can accompany you.
  3. Land and property are governed by individual states. In general, foreigners are restricted to owning certain types of properties at certain price levels. On the island of Penang, for example, foreigners can only purchase apartments and houses above RM1,000,000/- and RM2,000,000/- and above respectively. In contast, MM2H holders can purchase up to two residential houses (excluding commercial properties and shophouses) or apartments at the lower threshold of RM500,000/-.
  4. You can purchase a tax-free (up to RM150,000/-) car.
  5. You can employ a foreign maid, subject to the current immigration guidelines on maids.


7) What happens when a Malaysia My Second Home participant passes away?

If a MM2H participant passes away and his/her spouse wishes to stay in Malaysia, they must apply to the MM2H department and request to be named as the main participant. The fixed deposit must also be changed into his/her name upon approval. Depending on the dispositions in the participant’s will, the spouse may be required to show financial evidence that he/she has the means to continue under the MM2H programme.

If the spouse does not intend to stay in the country, then the executor or administrator can request to have the MM2H visa terminated. Two letters will then be issued – one to the immigration authorities and one to the bank, asking to release the fixed deposit.

Of course, having a Malaysian will helps this process along immensely.


I have heard through the grapevine that the MM2H department is considering increasing the financial requirements for MM2H to RM600,000/- regardless of age. Fixed deposit requirements may also increase to RM500,000/-, and there may be submission charges and increase in levies per year for the MM2H visa.

Changes, if approved, are predicted to apply in around six months’ time. I do urge those of you who are considering MM2H to apply earlier rather than later.

Got more questions? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!

Author: Sam Choong

Sam Choong is a lawyer practising in Malaysia. His areas of practice include estate planning, wills and UK inheritance tax for expats residing or seeking to retire in Malaysia.

89 thoughts on “Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H): Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the requirements for a MM2H Visa require that you have RM 500,000 in a bank account in addition to the RM 10,000 per month income or can it be either. (not clear)

    1. Hi David,

      Thanks for the clarifying question. I am assuming that you are under 50 yrs old. Please advise if that’s not the case as the thresholds are different. The requirements are divided into pre-approval and post approval. Prior to the approval, when you submit the application, you need to show that you have the equivalent of RM500,000/- (in cash in a current account or foxed deposit anywhere in the world) on top of the monthly RM10,000/- (anywhere in the world). After approval, we need to then deposit RM300,000/- into a bank account in Malaysia. Hope that clarifies!

  2. I am over 50, from Bangladesh. I have the last three months (and years preceding that) 10000 PM salary and the 350000 RM in banks. The problem is, from Bangladesh, it is difficult to transfer fund ex-Bangladesh unless for business. Please advise.

    1. Hi Sohel,

      This is a great question but it’s also a difficult one for me to answer because my area of practice centres around Malaysia My Second Home and other immigration matters pertaining to Malaysia. Although the Taka is freely convertible I believe the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act 1947 which is also referred to as the FERA is very restrictive on Bangladeshis bringing out funds earned within the country for investment abroad. Your best bet is to chat with a good financial consultant or accountant in Bangladesh. That said, Bangladeshis are one of the top holders of Malaysia My Second Home which is understandable seeing that there is a lot of shared values and culture. I have had the privilege of visiting Dhaka & Chittagong and I immediately felt at home in both cities! I wonder if you could email me at and I’ll see if I can be of some help.

  3. I consider to apply MM2H because I consider to retire soon. For financial asset as well as income, I believe I met all the requirement

    As it seems we need to wait for 4-5 months for approval, Can I retire after 3 months later or I must wait until I get visa approval first.

    Please advise

    1. Hi Colemen,

      How are you doing…

      If I may clarify what you mean by “retire”? The MM2H application process is briefly as follows:

      i) First you submit the application (at this stage you can be in Malaysia on a normal tourist visa or outside Malaysia);
      ii) About 3 months later, the decision is communicated to you;
      iii) You then need to open a bank account in Malaysia and place the mandatory fixed deposit and do your health check;
      iv) With the fixed deposit certificate, the health check & the letter of approval, you will then need to submit your passport for the approval to be stamped onto your passport (you will at this stage need to be in Malaysia).

      Hope that helps! Please feel free to ask if I have not answered your question correctly.


      PS. As mentioned in my previous answer to Sven, do think about putting in your application soon.

  4. Hi Sam
    Have you heard any news regarding increasing of financial requirements for Mm2H?
    I am 57 and planning to move Malaysia next summer.

    1. Hey Sven,

      That’s a very timely question. My colleague spoke to someone quite high up at the immigration department a few months ago and he mentioned there is a recommendation to the decision makers at MM2H for the financial threshold to be increased. We are monitoring this closely and one of my MM2H associates who runs down to Putra Jaya (Immigration Headquarters) weekly is telling us this will be imposed soon. In fact, the tax free car incentive will be withdrawn from 1st January 2018 onwards. So you see the trend. We’re therefore advising people who are keen to apply to do so ASAP. Since you’re planning to move to Malaysia next year perhaps you could consider putting in your application this year.

      1. Does this mean that once the application is submitted, the current terms and conditions apply? I am very interested in applying with my wife and have been researching MM2H for the past 4 months. It seems like the right retirement programme for my wife and I. I have even completed the stacks of forms!

        Can you please advise on this as it’s a very important aspect for us?

        1. Hi John,

          1) I believe you are referring to the anticipated increase in the financial threshold. I can’t be sure whether there will be retrospective effect although I believe you should be “grand fathered” if the approval is before the new financial guidelines. The best advice would be to make the application as soon as possible.
          2) Please be mindful that MM2H recently introduced an online form generation system. If you submit the old forms it may or may not be processed and the application may be delayed at this critical time when everyone is trying to get their approvals prior to the anticipated revision.

  5. Hi Sam, are MM2H holders allowed to study at Malaysian universities, e.g., do a masters or PhD program? What about at private schools like Cordon Blue or at a Malay language school? I’ve only seen info on education for children and dependents. Thanks!

    1. Hi Martin,
      Interesting question! I believe there’s no restriction for the main applicant to attend such courses. You can’t work but I see no reason why you can’t attend classes provided the institutions are happy to accept you. Hope that helps!


      1. Thanks Sam, on further digging I was told by the government that I’d have to change to a Student Pass and give up my MM2H if I wanted to study at a university, but that studying Malay or short courses like cooking are OK on the MM2H. Thanks again!

  6. Hi Sam,

    I am planning to move to Malaysia via MM2H programme. My wife is now pregnant and the expected due date is in January 2018. I noticed some benefit (e.g. tax free car incentive) is going to discontinued and not sure if other conditions are going to change. What’s your suggestion about the MM2H application? Is it more reasonable to apply in next year? or I can add new family members into the MM2H visa during the pre-approval stage?

    Sam Ling

    1. Hi Sam,

      Yes, there are a few changes to the conditions (estimated by end of 2017) to the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme, the financial requirements are going to increase. I presume that you are under 50 yrs old and as such, they are increasing the financial requirement from RM500,000 to RM600,000. Subsequently, the FD to be place after approval will be increased to RM500,000 instead of RM300,000 currently.

      In respect of the future addition to your family (congratulations in advance), yes, you may add new dependents, but only after you have obtained your approval.

      We, of course, would advise that you apply now, in order to be able to submit with lower financial requirements.

      My colleagues email to you some information on Monday.

  7. Hi – i am currently retired at 66 and have liquid capital in excess of the threshold by a lot but my income from government sources is less than 10000rm per month. is there anyway around this issue?

    thank you.

    1. Great clarifying question. If i may ask, do you have any other source of income that we can add on to this government sourced income? For instance, regular income from other investments such as fixed or time deposits interest, share dividend, REITS, property rental etc? Or annuities/insurance paid annually which we can show the immigration which can be averaged out over the year on a monthly basis. Hope that helps. You’re welcome to chat direct with me at if you like. Again, please bear in mind the possible increase in the financial thresholds which is expected shortly.

  8. My wife and I are planning to move to Malaysia on MM2H. As a married couple is that one application or two, also for the financial bond one of us is older than 50 and one younger than 50 so how does the financial bond get calculated?

    1. Hi Philip,

      Thank you for your question.

      As a married couple, you would be the main applicant, and your wife can come in as your dependent (or vice versa). Presumably, the one older than 50 years old would be the main applicant, for the benefit of the lower financial threshold.

      The financial bond depends on your nationality, the amount differs.

      My colleagues will drop you an email soon with more detailed information on MM2H. We have heard that the financial requirement thresholds are increasing very soon, so we urge you to apply soonest you can.

    1. Hi KH,

      We’ve actually succesfully help former Malaysians apply for MM2H so I would say there’s no problems. Hope that helps.


  9. Hi Sam,
    My husband and I are planning on applying for the mm2h visa once our youngest finishes high school in a couple of years and buy a condo in Penang so we can winter in Malaysia. In the meantime, the family back home (Perak) is urging us to purchase the family property ($90,000 Malaysian ringgit). My question is, if we paid the purchased amount, what are the chances that we can have the deed transferred to our names once we get our visa in 2 years? Is there a minimum amount for the properties that we want to purchase in Penang and Perak?

    1. Hi Liz,

      Some technical questions. Land laws are regulated mainly by the respective state where the property is located. As for Perak, I am assuming that you are NOT Malaysian so the minimum price threshold is RM350,000-00 and above for MM2H visa holders as opposed to RM 1 million for non–MM2H visa holders. So the answer is No, you won’t be able to register that property in your name.

      As for Penang, the minimum price for foreigners is RM500,000-00 and above (maximum 2 units) for MM2H visa holders as opposed to RM 1 million for strata title and RM 3 million for landed property for non-MM2H visa holders.

      In the meantime, we are made to understand that the financial threshold for qualifying for MM2H is about to increase so you may wish to start your application soon to avoid this threshold increase.


  10. Hi,
    My husband and I are both below 50 years and our source of income is through investments. We don’t have a regular monthly paycheck but we do have enough money for the investment. Do we qualify to apply?

    1. Hi there,

      Can I ask how much you have in terms of cash ie. current account or fixed deposit? And how much is your income through these investments over the past year or ideally 2 years? You can email me privately at


    1. Hi Kev,

      Absolutely, you can rent. MM2H, in a nutshell, is a visa for people who wish to live in Malaysia long term. It has very little to do with property purchase. In some states like Penang, Perak & East Malaysia it lowers the financial threshold for purchase of property by foreigners. Hope that helps. As usual, may I remind you to submit your application soon before the anticipated tightening of conditions.


  11. Dear Sam,
    Thank you very much providing important information regarding MM2H through your website. I am keen to move to Malaysia with my wife and kids but just not sure which route to take. Do you or your colleagues only provide support in terms of MM2H or you can provide information regarding work permits or other means ( such as investor visa’s if any ) in Malaysia? Please let me know.

    1. Hi Waheed,

      How are you doing!

      Glad you find the information helpful. The area of practice of my law firm includes corporate & commercial advice along with immigration, so absolutely we can advise you on other methods of staying in Malaysia. Malaysia My Second Home or MM2H is not the only means of staying in Malaysia although it is quite popular because it suits the circumstances of a lot of people. There are other means although it depends on your needs and your qualifications.

      We’re celebrating Deepavali in Malaysia today & my team is on leave. So, off the cuff, I am not aware that Malaysia offer schemes such as those available in Australia, Portugal or Singapore where for a large amount of investment placed in these jurisdictions, the investor is granted a investors visa or a PR. PR or permanent residence status in Malaysia is highly difficult to obtain. Nonetheless, if you drop me a message at my work email ( we can explore the possibilities.

      Chat soon.

  12. Hey Sam,
    I work for an Australian Government fire service and will be taking a pension from my superannuation provider. Does that allow me to qualify under the Government pension rule for MM2H?

    1. Hi Peter,

      It depends whether you are asking to utilise this pension as the RM10,000 income pre-approval or as the RM150,000 Fixed Deposit pledge post-approval.

      For the Australian Government pension to be utilised to qualify for the RM10,000 income, yes it can be utilised to show income, you would have to support the bank statement with a letter from the Australian Government stating that this pension is from the Government.

      For the pension to be utilised in replacement of the RM150,000 FD pledge post approval, beginning May this year, our MM2H department has removed this option and as such, even while receiving a Government pension of RM10,000 or more, you would still be required to pledge the RM150,000 FD in a bank in Malaysia.

      Hope the above clarifies. You may email me at if you would like further clarification.

  13. Hi Sam, I am an over 50 years U.S. banker and have been a fan of MM2H for many years. Although I have another 5 years to retire, I am eagerly waiting to apply for the program and as part of that process planning to visit KUL in next few months. Would it be a good idea and will you be available for a face to face chat on this while I am in KUL?

  14. i am 65 years of age and have business in UAE since 21 years ,and i am interested in MM2H .
    i am a pakistani passport holder. My business will continue in UAE ,being looked after by my sons.
    kindly inform me the detail requirements and expencess and another charges for this to start the formalities.

  15. Dear Sam.
    Thank you for your insights.

    Would be grateful if you may clarify the follwing





    Will appreciate your response

    1. Hi Mr. Saban,

      Great clarifying questions. I get asked these all the time. I shall answer them in the order that they were posed:

      A. MM2H doesn’t allow full time employment although if you have skills which are not readily available amongst Malaysians, you can apply for part time work. This is a separate application from the MM2H visa application.
      B. As for the studies of your children, they can apply to the university and if accepted, a student pass can be applied for.
      C. You can start a company and be a shareholder and a non executive director. The work has to be carried out by Malaysians or foreigners with the relevant work permit.
      D. You will not be able to avail yourself of the benefits provided to Malaysians. However, you can still go to the local hospitals except you will not be charged as a Malaysian. By the way, as a pre-requisite for MM2H application, you will need to have insurance so you will have the coverage you buy.

  16. Hi Sam. If I enter Malaysia on a business visa and then wish to transfer to MM2H is it possible if so what is the procedure. thanks.

    1. Hi Muhammed,

      Can you let us know what you mean by a business visa? Do you have an employment pass applied for you by a company in Malaysia? If so, yes you may but you need to terminate the employment pass prior to applying for the MM2H. If you need the details, please email me at


  17. Hi Sam,
    I am less than 50y. I want to apply for MM2H visa but I am planning to get married next year. What does it take for my future wife to join me? is it easy for her to join me? will it take time ?
    My second question. Is that when and if I get the approval, is there a deadline where i have to make a deposit and move to Malaysia?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Rachid,

      If you are getting married next year, could you please clarify if you are intending to bring your current fiancee to join you now during your MM2H submission, or if you are intending to bring her to join you under the MM2H programme next year upon your marriage registered?

      My colleagues will send you an email reply to clarify further on this.

      In respect of your second question, the deadline is 6 months from your approval date to place a fixed deposit and come into Malaysia for endorsement of your passport, but you would have the freedom to decide when you would like to move to Malaysia.

  18. Hi Sam,
    I’m keen to move to Penang and set up a tourism company which would bring in business and employ local Malaysians. What would be the best way for me to do this please?

    1. Hi Wendy,

      Thanks for the question. I think this is a great question because a lot of people moving here still want to be active in business. There seems to be two parts to your question. The first is setting up the company and getting a licence for it to operate as a tourism company and the second is getting you the correct permit to stay in Malaysia.

      Firstly, the tourism business is regulated by the Ministry of Tourism (Surprise, surprise!). Their guidelines allow a foreign company (with a 5 year track record in their home country to set up and wholly own a Malaysian incorporated company and get it licenced for inbound tours only. The paid up capital has to be at least RM1,500,000/-. There are, of course, more conditions so this is the summarised version.

      Secondly, you need to think about how you stay in Malaysia. Malaysia My Second Home allows you to remain for a 10 year duration but doesn’t really allow you to work so you will, as you said, need to employ Malaysians to do the work. An employment pass allows you to work in the company set up but this is only for a 2 year duration but renewable. The company applying for the employment pass, however, has to have been set up and running for some time before an employment pass can be applied for.

      Think that’s all for now. Hope that helps. If you need more details including tax and company secretarial stuff, please email me at

    1. Hi Roy,

      As far as I know this is a grey area. If you rock up to the Immigration department, which we have done, they will either give you an unclear reply or say you need to exchange your MM2H for a student pass. I’m happy to give you some other suggestions if you email me privately at


  19. Hi, Sam Choong. May i know if the foreigner no mm2h buy the property in Ipoh Perak Rm1mil is it can apply long term visa such like mm2h the benefit that 10 years visa or must need the mm2h or not nessacery just buy Rm1mil can entitle that long term residential visa

    1. Hi Kok Seng,

      Your question is very timely.

      Recently, the immigration department at Penang Airport has been very strict on foreigners coming in and out on tourist visas. Very often, one assumes that a British or American visitor comes in and are entitled to 3 months stay. Or that a Singaporean comes into Malaysia and they are entitled to 30 days stay in Malaysia. Following from this, one then assumes that these visitors are permitted to stay till the end of the duration stamped on their passport, leave the country and come in soon after and expect to be allowed back into Malaysia for the same period as before. In practice, one needs to know that the Immigration authorities wield a degree of influence and they are entitled to exercise their discretion by not permitting these foreigners back in if there are grounds to think there is “wrong doing”. Practically speaking, it is very difficult to question the exercise of discretion by the immigration authorities.

      The above sets the context for my answer to your question! Having an expensive property does not give the foreigner any rights to come in and out in the eyes of the immigration department. Having a property over RM1,000,000/- does entitle the successful MM2H applicant to a reduced fixed deposit.

      Similarly, to own a property in Ipoh, you don’t need to have MM2H. Foreigners wanting to purchase a property in Malaysia need to ensure that the property is available to foreigners (eg. Some states like Selangor don’t allow foreigners to own landed properties and most states restrict foreigners from owning low cost or agriculture land).

      Finally, MM2H applicants don’t need to own property to apply for the MM2H pass. MM2H participants can rent.

      Hope that answers your question, Kok Seng!

  20. Hi Sam,
    I plan on applying for the mm2h program in January or Feb 2018, I wanted to import my car tax free from my country to Malaysia. Is that still allowed by the mm2h program?

    1. Hi Nick,

      There has been an extension for the application for tax waiver to buy a new car locally assembled in Malaysia or for the importation of the applicant’s car into Malaysia up till 31st December 2018, provided the MM2H approval is obtained before the end of 2017. The bad news is you’re too late to apply for a waiver through Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H). The good news is, if you still want to apply to bring in your car and it’s several years old, the tax might be fairly low and you probably can still do so. If you need the details on this, drop me a note at


  21. Hi Sam,
    I am preparing my MM2H application and going to submit it by end Feb 2018. I am concerned about possible plans to increase the fixed deposit to RM 500 000 for all (below or above 50 years old).
    Have you got any latest news on that?
    On the other hand, I also plan to purchase a property in Malaysia. If I do not get a MM2H social visit visa, will I be allowed to stay in a self-owned property in Malaysia on tourist visa? Are there better ways for foreigners to stay in their self-owned property in Malaysia?

    1. Hi Patrick,

      If you’ve been following my recent blogs, the government has made some ‘U turns’ or concessions. Unfortunately, I am made to understand that the increased in the financial threshold is still going to be implemented. Hopefully, later than sooner.

      As for other ways of staying in Malaysia, there are other options but it depends on your circumstances. I shall ask one of my colleagues to message you privately on this.

      Merry Christmas!


  22. I am a 65-year U.S. national, but born in Malaysia. I have just retired from U.S. Federal Government service. I have financial assets in Retirement Savings and 401k accounts in excess of $1.4 Million USD, and I am a full owner of a residential property in Malaysia with initial worth of $2.4 Million RM. Will I meet the financial threshold requirements for MM2H program application?

  23. Hi Sam
    I am looking at mm2h but in Sarawak, the increases you talk about is Sarawak included? Also is it ok to build a house here as my partner has family land ?

    1. Hi Simon,

      Please see our reply to your MM2H enquiry in your other comment.

      As for your question on building a house, this would depend on who owns the land. Land law in Malaysia is generally governed by the respective states where the land is located. It would be advisable for you to verify the details with a law firm based in Sarawak. If you require a law firm, please write to me at and I shall be happy to refer one to you.

      Best regards. Sam

  24. Hi Sam Choong
    I am an Indian Citizen, Currently working in Singapore holding workpermit as well.
    I would like to Buy a house in johor costs RM 600,000 With a help of monthly loan supported from developer and bank in malaysia.
    1. Once I have signed the Agreement purchase property then immediately i can apply MM2H VIsa.
    2. Even under loan installment also, I have to show my fixed deposit?
    3. For MM2H VIsa (the property should be >1million or it can be <1million?
    Please Advice. thanks

    1. Dear Sabeer,

      Thanks for the questions. Can I just say that you do not need MM2H to own a house in Johor. Similarly, you also do not need to own a property in order to apply for MM2H.

      Unfortunately, we need more information from you before we can answer your questions:-

      1) how old are you?
      2) how much cash on hand do you have currently? The loan does not make a difference to your application.
      3) are you trying to use the property to bring down your required financial threshold (it does not make a difference if you’re applying for MM2H whether you own a property or not with or without a loan in Malaysia)?

      Once you own a property in Malaysia above RM1million fully paid up by yourself, the fixed deposit to be placed after MM2H approval can be reduced in the second year onwards (whereby the amount depends on your age).

  25. Hi… I am above 50 years old. I realize that the requirements are the cash equivalent of RM350,000 and income of RM10,000/- per month . I know upon approval I have to put RM150,000 in a fixed deposit acconut and I will be granted 5 years visa. My question is … do I have to show that I have RM10,000 monthly income when I want to renewmy visa after 5 years? Thank you so much in advanced.

    1. Hi LiLi,

      Once you have your MM2H visa approved, you will be granted a 10 year visa. We are not sure why you mentioned a 5 year visa. Could this be because your passport has got 5 years to run? If so, upon the expiry of your passport, you should be able to have the rest of your MM2H tenure endorsed into your new passport.

      Upon the expiry of the said 10 years tenure, the MM2H exco committee will review the renewal and it will be based on their discretion as to whether they will require the monthly income.

  26. Hi Sam
    Do you know if the MM2H changes are also changing in Sarawak, as I am planning to start my visa application in 12 months time.

    Thanks Simon

    1. Sarawak’s MM2H is governed by a different set of guidelines. As far as we know, this rumoured threshold increment does not cover Sarawak. Hope that helps!

  27. Hello Sam, how are you doing?

    My husband and I are under 50 years old and we have a daughter who’s 21 years old. Since my daughter is 21 yrs old, she couldnt be come under my dependency. Therefore, how do i apply for her?

    Moreover, I am also aware of the fact that we cannot work under the scheme. Is there any other way for my daughter to stay in Malaysia and can be able to work in Malaysia as well?

    Thank you so much Sam!

    1. Hi guys!

      Interesting questions! Looks like the best way to apply for your daughter to come into Malaysia and work is through an employment pass. She should have skills us Malaysians don’t have to qualify for the said pass. There are a few more criterias which I would be happy to elaborate on if this is the pass you are OK to go for. Alternatively, she could apply to study in Malaysia. I believe there are passes that allow students who study in Malaysia to stay on and work.

      Hope that helps!

  28. Hi Sam,

    We are a married couple in our 30’s with a baby daughter and are in the process of applying for the MM2H Visa. In a few years I may consider applying for a sponsored work visa to teach in Malaysia. Do you know if it is possible to switch between the two visa’s, and can I later return to the MM2H Visa?

    1. Hi Miv,

      If you would like to apply for a work visa in Malaysia, you would have to relinquish and terminate your MM2H Visa first (please be informed that your dependents’ visas under MM2H will also be terminated). Your dependents may still apply for their dependents passes under your work visa.

      Upon completion of your work, you may reapply (fresh application) for the MM2H visa once again, provided that you fulfil the MM2H requirements then and of course, it would be at the sole discretion of the MM2H committee.

  29. Hi Sam,
    I’m considering applying for MM2H visa, and meet the current requirements.
    I’m a dual citizen of NZ and Australia – born in NZ, but living, working and have citizenship in Australia for many years. I use my Australian passport to travel, including entering into Malaysia. For dual citizens does it matter which passport/nationality they use in applying for MM2H?
    I see the form asks for country of birth (and know Malaysia does not recognise dual citizenship for Malaysians). NZ and Australia do recognise dual citizenship with each other, just wanted to check if it could be a potential problem using Australian citizenship/passport when applying for MM2H when I list my birth country as NZ.

    1. Hey Julie!

      Great question. We don’t recognised dual citizenships for Malaysians as you point out. As for our MM2H applicants, my advice would be to choose a passport and use that passport for the application as well as coming in an out so as not to confuse our immigration.

      All the best!

  30. Hi sam
    i am 52 years old and currently reside in the US. I have been seriously considering applying for MM2H visa. At present I do have US $ 600000.00 in my saving account. I will not be able to show RM 10000.00 monthly income as required. So my question is what are my options in the absence of proving the monthly income.

    1. Hi there,

      How short are you from the RM10,000/-? Is there income from interest off your savings account? What other sources of income do you have? Maybe email me privately at if that’s more comfortable and we can chat in depth to see if you qualify.


  31. Hi Sam,
    I am a US citizen thinking about coming to live in Malaysia. I think I could qualify financially for MM2H without any problem. I am currently 69 and would probably be 70 before I could make all relocation arrangements in the US and apply for the MM2H visa. My health is very good and I have US Medicare coverage but it doesn’t apply in Malaysia. From what I see on various websites about available health insurance plans to meet the MM2H requirements, I may be too old. Is there an upper age limit on eligibility? Anything you could add about insurance requirements and availability would be helpful.
    Thank you,
    John H.

    1. Hi John,

      Applicants above 60 years old are not required to show an insurance coverage to qualify for MM2H. Of course, if you have one, it would be good, but either way is fine. Hope that assists.

  32. Hi Sam,
    I have a question in relation to income requirement which is currently at RM 10,000 per month. Currently, I should meet the financial criteria for MM2H application. However, my concern is about renewal every 10 years: assuming a successful application this year, will I be automatically renewed 10 years later? or will they re-examine my financial position upon renewal in the future?
    The problem is 10 years later, I will probably be enjoying early retirement but not old enough to get pension. Therefore, upon my first renewal, I will have no monthly income anywhere close to RM 10,000. Even by the time I will get pension (expected to be around 15 years from now), the amount will probably not meet RM10,000 or any level they might see in the future.

  33. Hi Sam,
    I’m over 50. I am planning to retire in a couple of years. Is it too early to apply to MM2H now? Should I wait till I retire first? I don’t have the cash requirement now. However, after I retire, and withdraw some money from my retirement saving, or sell my house, then I will meet the cash in the bank requirement. Or would the MM2H program consider retirement saving as ‘cash in the bank’? My pension after retirement would meet the monthly income requirement. I am just not sure if I should wait till have transfer cash from my retirement account or wait till I retire before I apply for the MM2H. Thanks.

    1. Hi Penny,

      As financial requirements are rumoured to be increased soon, we do encourage that you apply sooner rather than later.

      In respect of your retirement savings, my colleagues will drop you an email and send you some information on MM2H.

  34. I am considering selling my HDB property in Singapore and move to Penang as the rental costs are lower . I am over 55 and have withdrawn my CPF funds. If I can put up a deposit of RM150,000 with liquid assets of RM350,000, what are my chances of qualifying for this program

    1. Hi BC,

      Would you also have an income for RM10,000 or equivalent a month?

      My colleagues will drop you an email soon with some information.

  35. Hi Sam,
    I’m over 50 and plan to retire in 10 years and then stay in Malaysia for whole retirement life. My question is related to the valid medical insurance coverage. What will happen if I am not able to obtain a valid medical insurance coverage during the renewal process due to age issue? Can you share any successful exemption case?

    1. Hi Annie!

      Currently the MM2H guidelines do not require you to have insurance if you are over 60 years. Of course, it might be prudent for you to have insurance as most insurance companies will insure you past 60yrs. The MM2H guidelines are likely to evolve in 10 years so do bear this in mind.


  36. Hi Sam
    I’m wondering! We’re there any changes made to MM2H regarding financial requirements or fixed deposit?
    And what will happen if they make changes during my ongoing application
    Are you expecting and policy changes soon?

    1. Hi Omer,

      We’ve heard of the changes coming up, but it has yet to be implemented so far. What we’ve heard is maybe May/June 2018.

      We cannot say for sure at this point how it will affect current applications pending approval.

  37. Sam. After submitting my MM2H application, does MM2H authority still do the bank verification and check the applicant’s bank records directly with the applicant’s bank?. Mind you, banks in my country do not allow to be contacted by third party regardless of the reasons.

    1. Hi Marwan,

      Yes, MM2H might verify with your banks, as when you submit your application forms, you would have signed a letter authorising MM2H department to contact your banker(s) and/or employer for verification of funds and/or employment.

      Btw, which country are you from?

  38. I am over 60 years old living in US. If I am approved for mm2h, am I qualify for the Malaysian senior citizen discount offered by many Malaysian government and private organizations?

    1. Hi Charles,

      Thanks for the question. I’m afraid I can’t answer your question fully as there are so many services which allow consumers of a certain age some concessions. For sure you will be able to enjoy some concessions although some may only be available to Malaysians.

      Hope that helps!


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